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Mr. Bob’s Magic Goodie Bags & Wands!

Don’t sweat over having to make goodie bags… Mr. Bob has you covered!

(Available with or without a booking)

Hi Parents,

Do you remember the ecstatic feeling we had as children when receiving something fun in the mail? We couldn’t wait to tear through the packaging and play with it!


Today, children can have that same excitement when they open Mr. Bob’s Magic Goodie Bags at my birthday party magic shows.


Each goodie bag contains:

  • 4 Easy to do amazing magic tricks!
  • Interactive toys
  • A Mr. Bob funny money dollar bill
  • A Mr Bob Magic trick booklet
  • A Magic wand that really works!


These goodie bags save you time and money. I will bring more than enough for all of the guests, so you don’t worry about not having enough. All of the items included are child approved! You only need to purchase what you need.


Goodie bags are only $4 each.

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